Architecture & sustainibility

The building will form the social epicenter of campus life, fostering collaboration and camaraderie among the CERN community. A new plaza connects park areas, forest areas and the warm interior of the building, in the quadruple height atrium an informal working and lounge areas. Workplaces on every level are positioned in close proximity to attractive outdoor areas and nature.

More than just a building, the ambition is to create a work environment where every member of the CERN community feels a sense of belonging. The project is committed to low carbon design and achieving the highest levels of energy efficiency, sustainability, and health and safety certification.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of Building 777. Guided by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carbon accounting, every aspect is chosen with a commitment to responsible design. From low-carbon, non-toxic materials, and MEP systems engineered for low energy consumption, aligning with RE2020 compliance. to the adoption of a mass timber structural system, the aspirations reflect the dedication to a sustainable future.